Stone Forest Global Geopark (Shilin Global Geopark)

石林世界地质公园 Stone Forest Global Geopark (Shilin Global Geopark)
石林世界地质公园位于云南红土高原的石林世界地质公园,是著名的喀斯特地貌奇观集聚地。 石林的形成经历了漫长而复杂的地质演化过程。在2.7亿年前的早二叠纪时代,石林地区为海洋环境,海底沉积形成了数百米厚的石灰岩,后经地壳抬升,石林地区处于湿热古海岸边缘,溶蚀形成了最早期的石林。历史上,该地区曾被玄武岩所覆盖。在持续的抬升过程和不同的地理、气候条件下,石林地貌也处在继承、更替和叠置的演变中,老的石林逐渐消失,新的石林不断形成。
Stone Forest Global Geopark, situated in the red highlands of Yunnan Province, is a famous site renowned for its collection of karst geological landforms. The formation of the stone forest was a long and complex process of geological evolution. In the early Permian period, 270 million years ago, the Shilin region was a marine environment and sedimentation on the seabed created a layer of limestone hundreds of meters thick. After the uplift of the earth's crust, this region shifted to the edge of the hot and humid ancient coast where the forces of corrosion formed the early stone forest landscape. Historically, this area was once covered by basalt. Under sustained forces of tectonic uplift, and different geological and climactic conditions, the stone forest formations continue to survive, be replaced, and evolve. The old formations gradually disappear, while new ones are continually created.